SS Shopping Trolley

  • Type: European Style
  • Capacity: 70/80/90 Liters
  • Fully stainless steel

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Key Points of Product

Durable: A stainless-steel trolley can last longer than a plastic basket or trolley. Plastic becomes brittle over time and breaks, but steel will last for as long as you want to use it. And, because it is made from a combination of metal and a zinc-alloy coating, it is rust-free for life.
Ergonomic: What sets the Xpertic SS shopping trolley apart from other trolleys is that it is designed for efficiency and comfort. Shoppers can carry more shopping items with convenience. It has compartments where shoppers can separate wet items from dry goods. Its lower level is allocated for bigger items. It has four heavy-duty wheels that roll smoothly and effortlessly.
Low Maintenance: Xpertic stainless steel knows that running a supermarket entails a lot of hard work. As a result, we make certain that your shopping carts do not add to your workload. Since it is made from high-grade metal, you can count on its durability. And because it is coated with zinc alloy, you don’t have to worry about rust.
Sustainable: Everyone is now talking about sustainability for the sake of the environment and the planet. Stainless-steel shopping carts last for life. Therefore, it is sustainable. It does not add to the tons of garbage dumped every day.
Easy to Clean: To get it sparkling clean again, simply spritz it with soapy water, rinse, and wash. The zinc-alloy coating is particularly easy to clean since dirt does not adhere to it for a very long time. Cleanup is simple with stainless steel. Bacteria and other microbes have a hard time adhering to and surviving on their smooth, pore-free surface.

A shopping trolley is a must-have in supermarkets, grocery stores, retail stores, and bargain outlets. Shopping trolleys provide a lot of convenience to shoppers. In fact, shopping will be a lot of hassle for both the store manager and the customer if they run out of shopping trolleys. Thus, the presence of shopping trolleys is one of the most important factors to consider when running a big retail store.

Shopping carts come in different designs and sizes. Although there are trolleys that are made of plastic, the most preferred by store owners are stainless steel trolleys. Compared with plastic, stainless steel offers a lot of advantages in terms of strength and durability. And, the Xpertic SS trolley is one to look out for when it comes to shopping trolleys.

The stainless-steel cart or shopping cart has more than one use. There are more uses for stainless-steel shopping trolleys than most people think. Stainless-steel shopping trolleys are not just used for carrying items around the supermarket or grocery store. In fact, it is more useful than a plastic trolley. Here are some of the ways shoppers and store owners can benefit from a stainless-steel shopping cart.

For Carrying Goods Around the Store
It is the main reason why shopping carts were invented: so that customers could have the convenience of buying more items without hassle. When customers have a large trolley for transporting goods, they prefer to load more stuff into it.

 For Carrying Heavy Objects

Stainless steel trolleys are not just for grocery stores or for shoppers. It can also be used by manufacturing companies that need to regularly transport heavy items. For example, an automotive manufacturing company, where heavy car spare parts are regularly moved from one place to another, needed a heavy-duty trolley.

For Carrying Other Than Shopping Items

Some customers bring their small children to the mall when shopping. A stainless-steel shopping cart is a lot of help to moms who bring their kids to supermarkets. Instead of letting them run around the supermarket, they can ride in the trolley. They can be safer in the trolley. Shoppers can also use the stainless-steel trolley to carry around their pets.

Transport delivered goods

You can always use the stainless-steel shopping cart to transport goods from the bay area to your store. This is especially beneficial when all of the mall’s push carts are occupied and you have nowhere to put your purchased products.

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Frequently asked questions and Answers

How do we clean the shopping trolley?
Excellent results can be achieved using a soft cloth, microfiber cloth, or sponge dipped in soapy water. Simply use pastes and sprays created specifically for stainless steel to remove grime that is more durable, like grease. Always rinse with water and completely dry your hands after using any substance.
What is the maximum weight that the shopping trolley can carry?
It can carry up to 50 – 100 kg.
Do you offer parts replacements?
Yes, we replace damaged carts, but we don’t replace old and broken carts.
Is it rust-resistant?
Yes, it is rust-resistant.
Why should you purchase shopping trolleys from Xpertic General Trading?
Our trolleys are simpler to use since they give customers an easy-to-maneuver experience. They are also strong, substantial, and simple to maintain because they are composed of high-quality materials.

SS Shopping Trolley

  • Type: European Style
  • Capacity: 70/80/90 Liters
  • Fully stainless steel

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