Meat Processing Equipment

The Best Meat Processing Equipment at Xpertic

The correct meat processing equipment is necessary for the fast-growing meat processing industry. From the bone saw to the meat mincer, every trade tool must equally be of the highest grade. At Xpertic, we believe in having supermarket equipment for everyone to use. Our equipment has always been of the best kind, and what’s more, we also help businesses all around the world set up shop. It is our unique selling point. Here, we will explain why you can trust us with all your requirements. Let us begin.

We Have the Best Bone Saw Machine Blades

Our bandsaws at Xpertic are built with tough, u-shaped teeth that are perfect for easily slicing through narrow cuts of meat and frozen bone. They handle all sorts of fresh and frozen products, from ribs and bones to pig feet and cow’s meat and fruits display rack. Need to tackle some frozen fish? No problem! Our bandsaws can handle that, too. Plus, they’re super efficient and capable of slicing up to 100 pounds of meat per hour without sweat. At Xpertic, we have the finest meat equipment for your needs.

If Mincing Meat is What You Need, We Got You

Meat mincer machines come in two types: manual and electric. While both serve the same purpose of mincing or grinding meat, electric ones offer better efficiency and convenience, making them popular for commercial establishments like supermarkets and restaurants. Additionally, most cutting blades and plates in meat mincer machines are made of premium-grade stainless steel, known for its sharpness, durability, and resistance to corrosion, making it the ideal choice for long-term use. This is the most powerful meat processing machine that you would have held in your hands. We can guarantee that.

You Will Find The Best Meat Wrapping Machine

Our meat wrapping machines like supermarket basket and fruit chiller in UAE are designed to streamline the packaging process for meat products. These machines ensure that meat is securely wrapped and sealed with precision and efficiency, maintaining freshness and quality. Whether manual or electric, our machines offer convenience and reliability, making them essential tools for commercial establishments in the meat industry. Plus, with premium-grade stainless steel construction, our machines guarantee durability and long-term performance, providing peace of mind to meat processors and retailers alike. We have some of the best meat food processing equipment and food processing equipment in the world. 

Looking for Meat Slicers? We Have the Finest Quality Available

Our meat-slicing machines are unparalleled in the industry, offering precision and efficiency in every cut. Whether you’re slicing deli meats, roasts, or cured meats, our machines deliver consistent results with ease. With durable construction and advanced blade technology, our slicing machines ensure uniform slices every time, maximizing productivity and minimizing waste. Storage racking, hanger stand and cold storage solution are some other services we offer. Trusted by butchers, delis, and food processors worldwide, our meat-slicing machines are the perfect solution for your slicing needs. We have a reputation for being the finest meat equipment suppliers; we can take care of all your needs.

Unrivaled Precision

If you are looking for precise cuts and uniform slices, you must choose us at all costs. We also have cutting-edge technology that helps us provide you with the best equipment in the meat processing industry. Our machines are also made of one of the most durable materials in the world and do not spoil easily. 

We have many customer testimonials that speak highly of our machines. We are your one stop solution. Even the heaviest commercial use does not dent them; if it does, you can easily find customer service.


We provide a wide range of equipment and infrastructure for businesses to set up shop worldwide. From meat processing to providing refrigeration facilities to fast food enterprises, we have it all.

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