Warehouse Storage Solutions

Get The Ultimate Solution To You Warehouse Storage Problems With Us

If you are handling a warehouse, you are in the right place. Besides the other complexities in managing a warehouse, warehouse storage can be unnerving. After all, if you cannot manage the storage of items effectively, then it does not matter how spacious a warehouse you have. However, there is nothing to be tensed or worried about with us. We at Xpertic General Trading Co. L.L.C. have a wide array of fruit display rack and other storage solutions for your warehouse needs. 

Why Will You Choose Us?

You may agree that the most important thing for proper warehouse management is to plan and manage the storage system. After all, the more organised your warehouse is, the more items you can store. Moreover, if things are well arranged, you can find them quickly whenever needed. At the same time, if you use your warehouse for commercial purposes, an ill-managed one will attract only a few customers. This is where our warehouse storage solutions step in. With experience spanning more than two decades, we understand all your needs. That is why our products are tailored to meet all your needs. 

We specialise in providing variety that comes with the assurance of being of superior quality. Our collection of storage equipment is tailored to manage your warehouse at its optimum capacity. That is why we have earned the trust of unnumbered clients over the last two decades. 

Our Offerings

As manufacturers of warehouse storage racking equipment, we have garnered the trust of our clients for more than two decades. You might agree that staying in the front row of business does not happen for nothing. One important pillar for our lasting survival in the business has been our wide variety of offerings catering to the warehouse owners’ diverse needs. We offer:

  • Carts: Versatile for transporting goods.
  • Arts racks/screens: Safely store and display artwork.
  • Storage cabinets: Ideal for organizing tools and supplies.
  • Shelving systems: Adjustable storage for warehouses.
  • 3PL storage systems: Efficient storage for logistics providers.
  • Distribution center storage: Optimize storage before distribution.
  • Manufacturing plant storage: Organise raw materials and finished goods.
  • Inventory management systems: Track inventory accurately.
  • Warehouse storage: Maximise space and accessibility.
  • Cold storage mobile racking: Compact storage for perishables.
  • Mobile storage: Perfect supermarket equipment for high-density storage for limited spaces.
  • Airplane parts storage: Organise aircraft parts efficiently.
  • Pallet mobile racking: Compact storage for pallets.
  • Folding pallets: Collapsible pallets for space-saving.
  • Industrial ladders/stairs: Safe access to elevated areas.
  • File cabinets: Organise documents and records.
  • Platform trucks/trolleys: Transport heavy items.
  • Loading trolleys: Move heavy machinery or equipment.
  • Warehouse racks: Vertical storage for pallets and materials, that can also serve as hanger stands for supermarkets. 
  • Cantilever racks: Store long, bulky items without support columns.
  • Drive-in racks: High-density storage for homogeneous products.
  • Pallet racks: Versatile storage for palletised goods, which you can also use as drying rack in UAE
  • Mezzanine floors: Additional storage or workspace levels.
  • Industrial warehouse racks: Various storage solutions for industrial environments.

Benefits You Get With Us

As manufacturers of warehouse storage racks and other storage solutions, we have established ourselves as forerunners. However, as you might know, fame does not come for free. You must know that we have dedicated ourselves to ensuring you get the most benefits from shopping with us. 

Top-Notch Quality:

We all give our clients the absolute best regarding warehouse storage utilities starting from fruit chiller in UAE to numerous other solutions. Quality is non-negotiable here.

Pocket-Friendly Options:

Thinking about snagging warehouse storage material from us? No need to stress over the price tags. We get that managing a warehouse can be a wallet-squeezer. So we have priced all our products with your budget in mind.

Loads of Choices:

You have already seen the selection. Isn’t it huge? So go ahead, take your pick. With so many options, you will find exactly what you’re after.


Yes, we are operating in the UAE. We sell all our warehouse storage utilities here.

We are not newcomers to the business. We have been here for two decades, serving unnumbered, satisfied clients. 

Yes, we have a variety of industrial trollies that can help you manage your warehouse most effectively. 

Yes. You can find that item with us in Dubai, UAE.