Commercial Kitchen Equipment

We Manufacture the Best Commercial Kitchen Equipment at Xpertic

For most businesses, commercial kitchen equipment is a must-have. Nobody understands it better than the fine folks at Xpertic. We have something for everyone, and that also includes kitchen equipment. In our warehouses and facilities, you will find yards of machines suitable for every work in the industry. There is simply no arena we have not dabbled our finger into. At the same time, we provide turnkey solutions to your problems no matter where you are. In this article, we will talk about some of our finest products and services.

We Can Help You Set Up Shop

A service trolley is one of the simplest and most used commercial kitchen equipment near me. When you come to us for solutions, you will find the finest trolleys in our storage counter service series. They come with us without glass, and you can cart them anywhere. This is one of the best things that you can have in the realm of kitchen equipment. Do not believe us. We invite you to come to our facility and check out the products. 

The Finest Portable Supplies

At Xpertic, we specialize in crafting professional kitchen equipment like portable soup kettles and water boilers designed with simplicity and convenience. Our products are built to make it easy for customers to prepare soups, broths, and hot beverages wherever they go. With user-friendly features and compact designs, our soup kettles and water boilers are perfect for personal and commercial use. Say goodbye to complicated setups and hello to hassle-free cooking with Xpertic. At the same time, these products are manufactured with a lot of care in our excellent assembly lines. Worry not; with us, you always get the best kitchenware equipment.

We Are a Leading Name in Cutting and Slicing

Our dedicated team of wizards are simply top-notch. Here, we’re dedicated to providing top-notch bone saw machines and meat-slicing machines, essential assets in the meat processing industry. Our machines are straightforward to operate, offering efficiency and reliability in every cut. With durable construction and user-friendly designs, our bone saw professionals trust machines and meat-slicing machines to streamline their meat-processing operations. Choose Xpertic for quality machines that make meat processing easier and more efficient. We are the best in supermarket equipment, slaughterhouse machines, and supermarket baskets.

We Provide Solutions for Catering Services

At Xpertic, we specialize in manufacturing catering trolleys and juice dispensers that are perfect for parties and events of all sizes. Our products are designed to be easy to use and convenient to transport, making them ideal for catering businesses and event planners. With durable construction and efficient operation, our catering trolleys and juice dispensers ensure your guests are served smooth and effortlessly refreshments. Choose Xpertic for reliable solutions that enhance your catering experience. Even if you need the finest meat equipment or food processing equipment, we have your back in every regard.

Nothing But the Best in Terms of Machines

We offer pasta cookers and popcorn machines perfect for fast food stands or customizing home kitchens. Our products are designed to be easy and efficient, allowing you to cook pasta or make popcorn quickly and easily. With durable construction and reliable performance, our pasta cookers and popcorn machines are essential additions to any kitchen setup. Choose Xpertic for quality appliances that make cooking enjoyable and hassle-free. Looking for a good storage racking, hanger stand or cold storage solution? At Xpertic, you find everything.


We have been in this business for close to 20 years and have expertise in almost every manufacturing arena.

We offer commercial kitchen equipment in many varieties. From cold storage solutions to pizza makers and more, we can help you set up shop wherever you are at reasonable prices.

We are a UAE-based company with several showrooms in Dubai. We are also considering opening businesses elsewhere.