Cold Storage Solution

Need Cold Storage Equipment? Then We Have You Covered

Cold storage is essential to a supermarket, so if you are setting up a supermarket/hypermarket, you need to pay attention to your cold storage solution. Whether you are buying a pre-installed cold storage room, or building one customized to your needs, you will find everything from us.

Xpertic General Trading Co. LLC. is a leading cold storage supplier in UAE and we have helped many supermarkets set up their cold storage facilities as well as a cold display section. We also supply all kinds of supermarket equipment, making your job easier.

What Types Of Cold Storage Equipment Do Xpertic General Trading Co. LLC. Sell?

From refrigeration condensers to evaporators to fruit chillers in UAE, you can find everything related to cold room storage from us. Two main components of any cold storage solution are condenser and evaporator, and we sell the following:

Refrigeration Condenser: A refrigeration condenser is an important part of any cold storage/room/system. Its job is to transfer heat from the refrigerant to the area to be cooled, resulting in the refrigerant condensing from a vapor to a liquid state. You will find from us:

  • V-Shaped: As the name suggests, this type of refrigeration condenser is V-shaped which V-shaped coil to exchanges heat with the surrounding air effectively. The air comes perpendicular to the V-shaped coil. Cold storage manufacturers will use this for limited space like smaller refrigeration systems.
  • H-shaped: This type of condenser has an H-shaped coil configuration, arranged horizontally. Air comes in horizontally across the coil which maximizes heat dissipation. If you are planning to build a large cold storage, then this is the condenser you need. 

Evaporator: This is another essential part of cold storage. It is the part of the refrigeration system that absorbs heat from the cooled area, which results in the refrigerant evaporating from a liquid to a vapor state. As the supplier of Linable, one of the best cold room manufacturers, we provide this evaporator:

  • D-type: The D-Type uses a double coil in a D-shape and comes in three models, DL, DD, and DJ. DL is mainly used for keeping perishable items fresh at 0 degrees Celsius and hence can be used for fruit display racks, while DD is good for storage where temperature goes to -18 degrees Celsius. DJ is for quick-freezing cold rooms as the temperature can go as low as -25 degrees Celsius.

You can talk with your cold storage manufacturers in UAE regarding which type is best suited for your supermarket/business. Apart from these two main components for any cold storage, Xpertic General Trading Co. LLC. is also one of the leading cold room equipment suppliers. We sell these and more:

  • Pressure balancer
  • Expansion valve
  • Low-temperature side in Monoblock
  • High-temperature side in Monoblock
  • Cold room doors (swing, automatic, sliding)
  • Cold rooms
  • Display cold rooms with glass door
  • Copper and Silver electrodes for cold room
  • XPS panel
  • Air curtain
  • PVC curtain
  • Copper wire and connector for cold room
  • Non-slip mat
  • Small Blast freezer for fresh Seafood

Why Buy From Xpertic General Trading Co. LLC.?

With us, you don’t need to find any cold room equipment suppliers; we have everything. And that is one of the reasons for buying from us. We also have the best price and stringent quality control to make sure you get only the best in the market.

So, when you need anything from cold storage manufacturers in UAE, just visit us or check out our website, and you will find it there.


This will depend on what is your supermarket’s size and merchandise. But whatever you need, you will find it from us.

Yes, from sealant for cold rooms to LED lights to thermal insulation pipes, we supply everything a cold storage supplier may need.

We have been operating in the UAE for the last 20 years.

Yes, we have a showroom in Dubai.