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Showcase Your Merchandise With The Right Display Rack

People love to shop in supermarkets because they can get everything under one roof. The supermarkets in UAE are known for their grand architecture, extensive merchandise, and exemplary customer service. So, if you are setting up a supermarket yourself, you need to be careful in selecting every supermarket equipment be it a hanger stand or fruits display rack

With an extensive collection, Xpertic General Trading Co. is a leading company when it comes to supplying anything related to setting up a supermarket or any other kind of shop/market.

What Is The Lifestyle Equipment Available From Xpertic General Trading Co.?

There are many types of hangers and clothes racks available on our website, some of which are:

Wheel-Type Wide Bakery Display Rack: This is a wheel-type display rack that can be used for displaying small items like earrings, necklaces, and other such items that can be hung for display. 

Wheel-Type Cloth Stands: There are many types of wheel-type clothes hanger stand. One stand has four wheels with four slanting arms where you can display clothes. Then there are clothes stands with one rod where you can easily hang longer pieces of clothes. Such a wheel-type cloth hanger stand is also good for carrying items from one side of the market to another. Then there is the wheel-type stand rack which has both slanting arms and rods for displaying clothes in different ways.

Single-Side Lifestyle Stand: This kind of metallic stand is perfect for showcasing folded clothes or other items in your supermarket. There are four racks in all, giving you ample space to display your merchandise.

Double Side Lifestyle Stand: This is also another no-wheel metallic stand. It has racks on both sides so great for displaying products in the aisles. Each side has four shelves, and a rod connects the topmost shelves. 

Drying Rack: This kind of rack for clothes is not only good as supermarket equipment but also for homes. The rack has two rods for hanging clothes with shelves at the bottom. It also has wheels so good for use as a warehouse rack in UAE

Wheel Type S.S. Clothes Hanger Stand Double: This is a multipurpose display stand because it can display both folded garments and garments hung for display. There are two rods for hanging items and two shelves to store them.

Wheel-Type Round Moving Rack: A great display rack for supermarkets, this wheel-type moving rack has a round top where clothes can be hung for display. This cloth hanger stand is good for small space and people can rotate the rack to see the merchandise on display.

Wheel-Type Hook Rotating Display Stand: Another round rack that is good as a display rack near the passage. It has seven shelves, each round with eight arms to hang display items. This kind of rack is great for the lifestyle section of your supermarket as it is good for hanging small items like earrings, bracelets, scarves, and miscellaneous items.

Wheel-type Grid Panel Euro Hook Stand: This kind of hanger stand is good for displaying coats. The four arms on four sides have six pegs to hang your merchandise. 

Wheel-Type Clothing Rack & Hanger: Another mixed hanger for your supermarket, this display stand has four shelves on one side and a rod to hang clothes on the other side. 

Why Buy From Xpertic General Trading Co. LLC?

Setting up a supermarket or any such business is not an easy task; we at Xpertic General Trading Co. LLC just want to make it easier for you. So, shop from us because we have:

Unmatched quality: We have a wide range of clothes hanger stands and display racks.

Unmatched price: We offer very reasonable wholesale prices for all our products.

Unmatched quality: We sell products only after they pass our stringent quality standards and checks.


Yes, we are located in the UAE. We sell everything from racks for clothes to fruit chillers in the UAE. Our showroom is located in Dubai.

We have been helping companies set up supermarkets/hypermarkets for the last 20 years.

We sell all kinds of clothes stand, both wheel type and stand type. We have products that will fit all kinds of budgets and space.