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In today’s world, slaughterhouses are greatly in demand. However, you might agree that listening to the demands is one thing, but it is completely the opposite of owning one. You might also agree that the most complicated thing is to get the perfect slaughterhouse machine for your slaughterhouse. However, there is nothing to worry about when you are with us. We at  Xpertic General Trading Co. L.L.C. are here with all your slaughterhouse essentials to help you easily manage your business.

What Makes Us The Best Choice?

We understand that managing a slaughterhouse in this modern era of high demand is a complicated task. This is because we need modern and effective machines and equipment to make our slaughterhouse survive. After all, very few people trust a slaughterhouse lacking the proper machinery to do the job. Moreover, as we all know, the demands are increasing each day. Therefore, you must have the right slaughterhouse solution to keep up with the growing demand

Apart from providing quality supermarket equipment, we also have a huge collection of everything you need for your slaughterhouse. We are here to ensure that your business flourishes perfectly, and for that, all our products are tailored to keep you a step ahead of others. After all, we have been in the business for over two decades, so we understand your necessities. That is why our clients have trusted us for so long. 

What We Offer:

If you have a slaughterhouse in UAE, we have the largest collection of all the essentials for your business. It is safe to assert that variety is the secret behind our lasting impact on business. We offer:

  • Blood Collector
  • Steam tunnel scalding system
  • Pig stunning box
  • Three-point electric stunning machine
  • Carcass processing hook
  • Carcass chilling hook
  • Double-angle steel track
  • Flat rail
  • Tube rail
  • Floor-type offal quarantine conveyor
  • Hanging-type offal quarantine conveyor
  • Head & hooves quarantine conveyor
  • Sheep dehairing machine
  • Grasping dehiding machine
  • Slope-type dehiding machine
  • Six roller dehiding machine
  • Balanced pre-hiding with hanging four feet
  • Traditional dehiding by hanging the hind legs
  • Bleeding conveyor
  • V-Type conveyor machine
  • Carcass descending machine
  • Pneumatic carcass descending device
  • Hydraulic loading arm
  • Manual carcass chilling conveyor rail
  • Automatic carcass chilling conveyor
  • Manual carcass washer
  • Automatic carcass washer
  • Dynamic track electronic rail scale
  • Static track electronic rail scale
  • Living cattle weighting system
  • Fixed platform
  • Hanging-type red offal conveyor
  • Disc-type white offal conveyor
  • Offal synchronous quarantine conveyor
  • Carcass processing conveyor
  • Skin trolley
  • Skin belt conveyor
  • Skin pneumatic transportation system
  • Hydraulic dehiding machine
  • Lifting and Re-Hanging Machine
  • Cattle Stunning Box
  • Ritual Rotary Slaughtering Box

We Offer Stunning Benefits:

It does not matter if you are buying a fruits display rack or meat equipment; you should always look for the benefits that the sellers provide. Here, you must know that we have earned good fame in the market and that fame has been won through performance. When you choose us, you can rest assured of some stunning benefits to follow your purchase:

Excellent Quality:

We offer top-quality warehouse storage equipment, including food processing equipment. You will only find the best with us..

Affordable Prices:

Considering our cold storage solution? Do not worry about the cost. We understand managing a warehouse can strain your budget, so we have priced our products with affordability in mind.

Wide Variety:

You have seen our extensive range of options, right? You can feel free to choose from the variety available. With so many choices, you will find exactly what you need.

Reputed Seller

We have been in the business for more than two decades. Therefore, we also have a huge client base that trusts us a lot for the things we provide. With us, you can rest assured that you will be buying items that have won the trust of numerous of our clients over the years.


Yes, we cover the whole range of supermarket storage solutions.

Yes. We provide great quality racking solutions for your slaughterhouses.

You will find a variety of hanger stands with us.