Fish Display Chiller

  • Control: Digital
  • Cooling: Fan
  • Defrost: Automatic
  • Electricity: 220-240 V / 1Ph / 50 Hz
  • Positive Temperature 0°C/+2°C

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1. Size: Fish display chillers come in various sizes and dimensions. The majority of large business establishments such as supermarkets use commercial-size display chillers which are significantly bigger in size. In the same vein, large fish display chillers offer a more spacious display area; thus allowing you to store more fish and seafood products. On the other hand, small fish display chillers are ideal for small-scale businesses such as convenience stores or small seafood shops.
2. Cooling Systems: Generally, the temperature for fish display chillers ranges between -1°C to 2°C depending on the type of fish or seafood product to be stored. There are two main cooling functions among display chillers namely stationary or static cooling and ventilated cooling systems. The stationary cooling system features a stable temperature and the cabinets are cooled by an evaporator. Meanwhile, the ventilated cooling system cools the cabinet by circulating the airflow through a fan.
3. CFC-Free Insulation: The insulation system in fish display chillers ensures the optimum cooling function of the equipment. Moreover, all refrigeration products, including display chillers, use CFC-free insulation. CFC stands for chlorofluorocarbons – various types of compounds that are harmful to the environment specifically the Earth’s ozone layer. The use of CFC has been banned since 1994 and the distribution of products containing it is punishable by law.
4. Defrosting: Fish display chillers, just like other refrigeration solutions, offer two main defrost functions; auto defrost and manual defrost. As the name suggests, manual defrost requires you to manually do the defrost process by turning off the power to allow the ice buildup to melt. Auto defrost, on the other hand, is the total opposite. The chiller will defrost by itself at a pre-programmed frost cycle.
5. Glass Construction: Fish display chillers feature a huge glass construction that allows you to see the products stored inside the cabinets. Similarly, display chillers also come with glass sliding doors which are typically located at the back for curved-glass style display chillers. This allows vendors in fish and seafood shops to easily access the products inside the chiller.

Fish display chillers are essentially refrigerators used to store and cool fish products to keep them fresh for a longer time. Moreover, these display chillers can also be used for other types of products such as meat, poultry, vegetables, cakes, desserts, beverages, and dairy products.

This equipment is essential for storing products that get spoiled easily in warm temperatures. Overall, having a display chiller is essential for businesses as it helps them keep perishable stocks in optimum quality and freshness.


Keep fish and seafood products fresh

A fish display chiller is an exceptional investment for business owners. This equipment helps keep fish and seafood products fresh and protected against contaminants.

In addition, a chiller can also extend the life of perishable food products. Thus, businesses can maximize the longevity of the items in their inventory and profit from them.

Show off products for sale

Fish display chillers, especially curved-glass style models, allow vendors to showcase their fish and seafood products to customers. Given that the items are visible and neatly organized inside the cabinet, people can easily see what’s inside and be convinced to make a purchase.

Cost-efficient storage

Fish display chillers are specifically designed to deliver powerful functionality without using too much electricity. As a result, you save money from having to pay expensive electricity bills.

Moreover, due to the cost-efficiency display fridges offer, they are unarguably an excellent investment for certain business ventures.

Improved visibility and access

Display chillers are designed to offer impeccable visibility and easy access. They come with adjustable storage shelves or racks that allow you to display your fish and seafood products conveniently.

In addition, display chillers also come with an in-built bright LED lamp that provides stellar illumination for optimum visibility.

Dependable for long-term use

Refrigeration solutions, including fish display chillers, are built with longevity in mind. They are constructed with high-grade materials such as stainless steel and tempered glass which are proven to be dependable for long-term use.

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Frequently asked questions and Answers

What is the ideal temperature of a fish display chiller?
The average temperature provided by fish display chillers ranges between -1°C to 2°C. This temperature is cool enough to keep seafood products fresh and safe against spoiling for longer.
What kind of business should own a fish display chiller?
Fish display chillers are mainly used in commercial establishments including grocery stores, fish and meat shops, restaurants, and convenience stores.

Fish Display Chiller

  • Control: Digital
  • Cooling: Fan
  • Defrost: Automatic
  • Electricity: 220-240 V / 1Ph / 50 Hz
  • Positive Temperature 0°C/+2°C

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