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Xpertic General Trading CO. LLC provides your business with a comprehensive list of the best Shelving racks in UAE. You can use our website to identify and source the Premium shelving rack in UAE and maximise both vertical and horizontal storage spaces. 

Our Superior shelving rack in UAE can be from several inches to several feet depending on your industrial, commercial or residential applications. 

Our comprehensive solutions for the best Metal shelving rack in the UAE

At Xpertic General Trading CO. LLC, we understand that your choice of shelving systems will vary, and we attempt to offer the best Metal shelving rack in UAE. Such units will have one or more panels or grids that can be placed perpendicular to the walls to form the desired surface for the inventory like Dish Washing Machine in the UAE. Still, your needs as a manufacturer or seller of Meat Wrapping Machine in UAE or as a basket manufacturer in UAE will differ entirely. Your size and weight capacity of these units must be accordingly and handle the cubic weight and space needed for storing items. Poor metal shelving racks in the UAE can have dangerous consequences. 

Thus, we understand your needs can vary, especially if you are selling a fruit chiller in UAE or a Steel Chafing Dish machine in UAE and still offer amazing solutions to suit your requirements.

Our experts can help you assess the shelving system’s static loads, stress, and strength to ensure the most economical and efficient use of your space. 

Premium Steel shelving racks in UAE

The material and construction of your selected unit can significantly impact the strength and stress-bearing capacity. 

We understand the importance of delivering the right Steel shelving rack in UAE, delivering only premium racks at affordable prices. Our quality solutions for your business deliver superior strength and durability. 

Here is all that makes us the perfect answer to get the best Shelving rack in UAE –

    • Durability – Our shelving products are built to last and are made from premium quality materials. Our Premium shelving rack in UAE is engineered to withstand heavy loads and constant use.
    • Versatility—Our Superior shelving rack in UAE is perfect for retail stores, offices, and warehouses. You can store anything from a bone saw machine to a smaller plastic Shopping Basket.
    • CustomisationWe are the best Warehouse Rack Suppliers in the UAE. We understand the impact of poor shelving units and choose to overcome them by offering consultancy to your business to find the best fit for your needs. 
    • Easy installation – As the best Racking Unit Suppliers in UAE, we ensure that your shelving systems are designed for quick and easy installation. You enjoy innovative solutions to maximise your available storage space. 
    • Safety and security – With the best Metal shelving rack in UAE, you ensure that your inventory, equipment and personnel are safe at all times. We help to deliver such products to boost your safety and security.
    • Competitive pricing – We also offer amazing Metal shelving racks in the UAE at competitive prices. This allows you to get the best value for your investment. 

With integrity at the core of our values, we provide businesses with quality products and excellent services. Our team is dedicated to building long-term relationships and aims to be partners in your long-term success.


The right shelving systems can deliver the following benefits –

  • Optimised space utilisation – You can make the most of your available horizontal and vertical space to store your products with ease. 
  • Efficient inventory management – With a Steel shelving rack in UAE, you can have access to the right storage and retrieval facilities. 
  • The right position for all items – Each item has a designated location that ensures easy tracking and efficient inventory count. You can easily overcome stockouts, and lost or damaged goods. 
  • Enhances accessibility – With the right shelving products, you can enhance your accessibility, retrieve the products and streamline order fulfilment.

With Xpertic General Trading CO. LLC, you can ensure that you get the best shelving units on a budget. Although the costs of the racks vary depending on your desired size and style, you can get help from our experts to determine the best solution for your needs.

Here are some of the common types of shelving systems available – 

  • Cantilever – This rack allows you to manage heavy and long loads. This can be best for shelving timber or pipes.
  • Selective pallets – These are designed to offer easy accessibility as each pallet position is directly accessible from the aisle.
  • Drive-in racks – Suited for high-density storage using forklifts for easy storage and retrieval of items. This can also be a great storage solution for long and oddly-shaped items. 
  • Pushback racks – This uses a gravity feed system for easy loading and unloading of storage.

To ensure that you have the right warehouse shelving system, you should focus on the following –

  • Begin by checking your storage needs and inventory types. This helps you to understand your needs. 
  • Collaborate with us to create a system tailored to your specific requirements. We help you to get the best products as per your load capacity, accessibility, etc.
  • You should purchase the necessary equipment to suit your budget constraints. Our experts will help you to get the best products within your specified budget. 
  • Ensure that you meet your alignment, anchoring and safety goals. Professional installation and adequate training help to avoid the chances of accidents.