Meat Display Chiller

  • Temperature: (5 to +10)
  • Refrigerant: R404A
  • SC12CL 220V 500W
  • Lighting system: LED
  • Inside is stainless steel

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1. Cooling Function: Generally, there are two cooling methods meat display chillers offer – static cooling and fan cooling. Display chillers with static cooling come with evaporators that are installed inside the cabinet. The evaporator is responsible for cooling down the cabinet and absorbing the heat inside. On the other hand, display chillers with fan cooling use the air produced by the fan to cool down the inside of the chiller cabinet.
2. Size and Display Capacity: Commercial meat display chillers are large in size and offer ample display capacity. Moreover, different models of this equipment come in various sizes and display capacities. If you have a food shop that displays various kinds of meat products, going for a large commercial meat display chiller is a more cost-efficient purchase.
3. Tempered Glass Front Door: Meat display chillers come with a tempered glass door in the front to protect the products inside. This glass is durable enough to withstand varying temperatures. Moreover, the front glass door in the display chillers is very clear, allowing people to see the products inside easily.
4. CFC-Free Integral Insulation: Chlorofluorocarbon or CFC refers to any type of compound of hydrogen, carbon, fluorine, or chlorine. These compounds are harmful to Earth’s atmosphere, as well as the ozone layer. For that reason, refrigeration solutions nowadays including meat display chillers do not contain CFC. Furthermore, CFC-free refrigerators are not only eco-friendly but are also safe for humans.
5. Front and Back Door: The front opening in meat display chillers is optional – most commercial chillers found in supermarkets and meat shops only have a back door. However, display chillers with a front door are an excellent choice, especially if you want to provide customers with easy access to the products.

A meat display chiller is a refrigeration solution designed to store and keep meat products cool and fresh. This equipment can also be used to store other products that easily get perished such as fish, vegetables, cakes, and other relevant food items.

If you sell meat or if you have a grocery business, having a meat display chiller is a great investment for various reasons. Firstly, it allows you to securely store your meat products and keep them fresh for longer. Secondly, it allows your customers to easily see what products you have for sale.

Moreover, display chillers from premium refrigerator brands are designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. Thus, a high-quality meat display fridge is a reliable companion for many businesses.


Keep products well organized.

A display chiller is a handy tool to store your meat products in. It allows you to keep your products neatly organized so that customers can easily choose between your available product variations.

Illuminated visibility.

The bright white LED light installed inside the meat display chiller provides superior illumination. This allows you to showcase your products to customers effectively.

People can easily see the products you have on display and they can also evaluate the quality and freshness of each. Moreover, LED lighting is renowned for being energy-efficient and long-lasting.

Easy access to the products.

Meat display chillers allow you to easily store and take out the products inside the cabinet given their large door opening. Display chillers with front doors also allow customers to select and take the products they want to purchase.

Easy restocking.

Given the easy-access doors in a meat display chiller, you can effortlessly restock the products that need replenishing. This is especially important if your business often gets busy and you don’t want your customers to run out of product options.

Keep meat products fresh and safe.

Meat display chillers deliver constant and reliable cooling. Thus, it is great equipment for storing and keeping your meat products fresh.

Additionally, display chillers can also prevent bacteria from building up in the meat as the low temperature stops bacteria growth.

Energy and cost-efficient.

As mentioned, meat display chillers from trusted brands deliver optimum energy efficiency. Therefore, even if you use your chiller every single day, you will not need to shell out huge amounts of money for your electric bills as this equipment offers exceptional cost-saving potential.

An excellent marketing tool.

Given that display chillers allow you to store and showcase your meat products visibly, it is, therefore, an exceptional marketing tool for your business. It can benefit food and grocery businesses to consider investing in a top-quality meat display chiller.

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Frequently asked questions and Answers

What is the temperature range of a meat display chiller?
The temperature range of meat display chillers is normally set between 28°F to 36°F. For fresh, unfrozen meat and fish, the recommended temperature should be within 28°F.
Who should use a meat display chiller?
Meat display chillers are essential for various businesses such as meat shops, grocery stores, food shops, and other relevant establishments. Having a meat chiller will help keep meat products from spoiling faster or from getting contaminated with bacteria.

Meat Display Chiller

  • Temperature: (5 to +10)
  • Refrigerant: R404A
  • SC12CL 220V 500W
  • Lighting system: LED
  • Inside is stainless steel

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