Dairy & Beverage Display Chiller

  • Control: Digital
  • Cooling: Fan
  • Defrost: Automatic
  • Electricity: 220-240 V / 1Ph / 50 Hz
  • Positive Temperature: 2°C/+7°C

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Key Points of Product

1. Temperature Range: All commercial display chillers are engineered to provide constant temperatures. Typically, display chillers’ temperature ranges between 30°F to 70°F. Freezers, on the other hand, range between 14°F to -13°F in temperature.
2. Uses and Applications: Dairy and beverage display chillers are used in a wide range of commercial spaces such as supermarkets, convenience stores, food places, entertainment areas, corporate buildings, and more. Display chillers are used to store and display dairy and beverage products of various kinds. This refrigeration equipment is designed to showcase an establishment’s dairy and beverage products for people to buy.
3. Size and Capacity: Dairy and beverage display chillers come in various sizes and storage capacities. Single-door display chillers are typically smaller and offer less storage capacity. Double-door chillers, on the other hand, are larger and offer ample storage space.
4. Adjustable Shelving: The majority of display chiller models come with fully-adjustable shelves. Having this feature is essential as it allows owners to position the shelves to accommodate the size, shape, or quantity of the products they want to store and display in the chiller. Generally, upright display chillers come with 4 to 12 shelves. Undercounter chillers, on the other hand, typically only have 2 to 3 shelves.
5. Cooling Function: There are two types of cooling functions offered by display chillers; static cooling and fan-assisted cooling. Static cooling cools down the chiller by circulating cold air inside the cabinet. This type of cooling function is known to be more energy efficient. Meanwhile, fan-assisted cooling cools down the cabinet and the products inside by circulating cold air through the use of a fan. Chillers with this type of cooling function offer a more even and optimum cooling.

Dairy and beverage display chillers are essentially refrigerators used to hold, display, and preserve products. Moreover, the temperature will depend on the kind of products it stores.

Dairy and beverage display chillers are also an aesthetic way of storing and displaying products due to their massive transparent glass door and bright white light. Display chillers are generally used in various types of business establishments such as supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants and cafes, entertainment places, and so on.

Further, display chillers are used for a wide array of dairy and beverage products, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, wines, milk, yogurt, butter, and many more. This equipment keeps the products fresh for longer.

Dairy and beverage display chillers come in various styles, sizes, designs, temperature zones, and brands. Furthermore, this refrigeration equipment also features various specifications and functionalities.


Keep Dairy and Beverage Products Fresh

The constant temperature provided by the display chiller helps in keeping the products’ quality fresher for longer. This is especially efficient for displaying dairy products that may easily spoil in warm temperatures such as certain types of milk, butter, and yogurt.

Moreover, having a convenient chiller allows customers to easily choose and grab cold beverages.


The majority of new display chillers are designed to deliver exceptional refrigeration performance without consuming significant amounts of energy.

Furthermore, a top trusted brand that manufactures refrigeration solutions like ours offers a range of cost-effective and energy-efficient beverage display chillers for a reasonable price.

Easy to Replenish

Because the products are easily visible in a display chiller, it is very easy to restock and replenish. You can easily see from the outside which products are low in stock and need replenishing soon.

Further, since you can see the products through the glass doors, you can easily determine the products to restock even without opening the display chiller’s door.

Showcase Dairy and Beverage Products

Having a display chiller is a smart and efficient way of storing and showing off the products for sale in a store or any business establishment.

If you own a store, then having a display fridge allows you to showcase your dairy and beverage products while also keeping their quality intact and fresh at the same time. In other words, a dairy and beverage display chiller is a great product display tool to have.

Neater and Better Organization

Having a display chiller allows you to store and organize your dairy and beverage chiller neatly. The shelves in the chiller allow you to neatly place each product in the cabinet, while the clear glass door allows you and your customers to easily see what’s inside.

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Frequently asked questions and Answers

What is the ideal temperature of a dairy and beverage display chiller?
Display chillers store food items and beverages in low temperatures, typically set to around 30°F to 70°F.
How do I maintain a dairy and beverage display chiller?
Therefore, if you have a dairy and beverage display chiller or you are planning on purchasing one, cleaning and maintaining won’t take up much time and effort. The glass door and steel exterior of a display chiller can be wiped. Similarly, the sheet metal or plastic interiors of the chiller’s cabinet are very easy to clean with food-grade cleaner.

Dairy & Beverage Display Chiller

  • Control: Digital
  • Cooling: Fan
  • Defrost: Automatic
  • Electricity: 220-240 V / 1Ph / 50 Hz
  • Positive Temperature: 2°C/+7°C

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