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1. Sharp tooth: The teeth are u-shaped and heavy-duty, making them ideal for narrow bandsaw cutting of meat and frozen bone. It also cuts all kinds of fresh and frozen products, and all meat parts, such as ribs, bones, pig feet, and cow’s meat. It can also be used for sawing frozen fish.
2. Long-lasting and durable: It is capable of cutting up to 100 pounds of meat per hour without breaking.
3. Highly efficient: For efficient and reliable straight cutting, a strong blade retains maximum cutting strength.
4. Reduces waste: Because its blade is designed to cut smaller chunks of frozen meat, using the Xpertic bone saw machine blade is more efficient. Thus, it reduces waste compared with other ordinary bone saw cutters.
5. Carbon-Made: The blade is made of high-carbon spring steel, which is the industry standard for meat-cutting band saw blades; the blade is heat treatable, and the tooth is heat treated for durability and longevity.

Any retail store that sells frozen meat products must acquire a high-quality bone-cutting machine. A bone saw machine is a meat and bone device created specifically to cut frozen meat and bones into more manageable bits.

This bone saw machine must be equipped with an equally stable and strong bone saw machine blade. A heavy-duty commercial bone saw machine blade cuts meat products more efficiently and conveniently.

There will come a time when your bone saw machine will be noticeably ineffective and dull, meaning it will not give the same output as before. For instance, if it is no longer producing clean cuts.

If this happens, it is high time to replace your bone saw machine blade. When looking for a replacement, consider an Xpertic bone saw machine blade. Its carbon steel blade is composed of four teeth per inch.

It is heat-treated for extra strength and quick cutting. It can easily cut through hard frozen meat. Compared to other traditional, bulkier bone saw machine blades, the thin make-up of the Xpetic bone saw helps reduce waste by at least up to 30%.


The Xpertic bone saw machine blade is a sharp food-grade machine blade that is recommended by butchers for a waste-free meat-cutting process.

This bone saw machine blade is made from premium, high-grade carbon steel with heat resistance and a weld. A blade of superior quality with precisely placed teeth is intended to cut quicker, cooler, and more accurately while minimizing resistance.

A bone saw machine blade is highly important in grocery stores that sell frozen meat, restaurants, hotels, food processing factories, and butcheries. There are different kinds of machine blades available at Xpertic that match your cutting needs. Bone saw machine blades differ in purpose and cutting needs as follows.

  • Hook-Tooth Blades

The stainless steel-toothed band blade offers a quick and clean cut while being incredibly robust. It is constructed of premium stainless steel for a longer lifespan and simpler cleaning.

  • Scallop Blades

Cheese, particularly soft bone material like chicken, boneless and processed meats, and scallop band saw blades are all easily sliced. This scallop saw blade cuts cleanly and swiftly without producing any leftover chips or trash. The scallop may also be used to cut things.

  • One-Way Portion Control Blades

Fish, beef, hogs, and lamb may all be efficiently portion controlled using one-way portion control band saw blades. The regulated set and distinctive tooth shape produce less waste and kerf. These band saw blades are perfect for normal speed machines and for giving smaller slices of meat the best possible finish.

  • Knife-Edge Knives

The blade is used for slicing fresh meat, sausages, and cheese, among other things. Slices come out clear, smooth, and well-defined. maximizing production and minimizing waste.

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Frequently asked questions and Answers

What material is the bone saw machine blade made of?
Blades for the bone saw machines are commonly made of stainless steel, which makes them rust-resistant and easy to clean. There are also high-carbon steel models available, which are more robust and can maintain a finer edge.
What are the length and width of the bone saw machine blade?
The exact specification is available upon request to ensure compatibility with your bone saw machine.
Does it work with all kinds of bone saw machines?
It works on mostly all kinds of bone saw machines.
Why do I need to replace the blade for my bone saw machine?
The blade for your bone saw machine should be replaced regularly to ensure optimal performance and prevent gunk accumulation. How often you need to replace the blade depends on how often the machine is used and the types of materials being cut.
Can it cut frozen meat into very small pieces?
The blades are designed to cut small pieces, but then, it still depends on your bone saw machine model.

Bone Saw Machine Blade

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